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New Toyota FJ Cruiser - Offering Retro 4x4 Looks!

The Toyota FJ Cruiser concept hit America in 2003, right at the tail end of the retro design fad that took root primarily in Detroit at the end of the '90s. By the time the first model year Toyota 4x4 arrived in dealerships in 2007, models like the final-generation Ford Thunderbird, the Chevrolet SSR convertible pickup, and the PT Cruiser were all losing momentum in a market that had largely moved on.

Right out of the gate, however, the FJ Cruiser distanced itself from the rest of the old school pack with strong sales figures that would see it through its first two years of product. Looking like little else on the road, yet sitting on the same off-road friendly platform as the popular Toyota 4Runner, the FJ Cruiser stole the thunder from more conservative-looking SUVs and provided a legitimate alternative to the ruling Jeep Wrangler.

The honeymoon was brief. FJ Cruiser sales quickly tumbled back to earth, and the vehicle rode out nearly a decade of production meeting modest demand from hardcore Toyota fans, leading to just over 220,000 models being sold. Still, a strong following from four-wheel drive enthusiasts combined with rising prices on the used market have a lot of people asking why isn't there a 2021 FJ Cruiser on the horizon—especially given how hot SUVs have become across the board..
Read more https://www.drivingline.com/articles/why-isnt-there-a-2021-toyota-fj-cruiser-offering-retro-4x4-looks-with-modern-off-road-capability/

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Translated titles:\r
Nuevo Toyota FJ Cruiser-¡Ofrece estilos retro de 4x4!\r
Neu Toyota FJ Cruiser-Bietet Retro 4x4 Looks!\r
Nouveau Toyota FJ Cruiser-Offre un look rétro 4x4 !\r
Novo Toyota FJ Cruiser-Oferecendo Looks Retro 4x4!\r
جديد Toyota FJ Cruiser-تقديم مظهر ريترو 4x4!\r
Новае Toyota FJ Cruiser-прапануе рэтра-выгляд 4x4!\r
Nuovo Toyota FJ Cruiser-Offre un look retrò 4x4!\r
Новинка Toyota FJ Cruiser-Предлагает ретро-образ 4x4!\r
Yeni Toyota FJ Cruiser-Retro 4x4 Görünümler Sunuyor!\r
Ny Toyota FJ Cruiser-Tilbyder Retro 4x4 Looks!\r
Nieuw Toyota FJ Cruiser-Retro 4x4 looks!\r
Νέο Toyota FJ Cruiser-Προσφέροντας Retro 4x4 εμφανίσεις!\r
חדש Toyota FJ Cruiser-מציע מראה 4x4 רטרו!\r
새로운 Toyota FJ Cruiser-레트로 4x4 룩 제공!\r
Nytt Toyota FJ Cruiser-Tilbyr Retro 4x4-utseende!\r
Nowość Toyota FJ Cruiser — oferuje stylizacje z napędem 4x4 w stylu retro!\r
Nytt Toyota FJ Cruiser-Erbjuder Retro 4x4 Looks!\r
Нове Toyota FJ Cruiser-пропонує ретро 4x4 виглядає!
J.t.R. JP : I saw one in my city recently with upgraded LED lights all around, 3inch lift, running on 37's. I'd say what a beauty
Evan Miris : This would be a big seller in Australia if only it was available with a good diesel engine as well as the petrol. The last cruiser that was available in Australia was an excellent 4x4 wagon and family touring vehicle but was expensive on fuel only being available in petrol. Diesel engine would be a game changer.
juan rodriguez : Toyota needs this in the US. This would take over.. I want and need this.
Freedom Rider : Ever wonder why the FJ Cruiser and 4runner are far more involved when it comes to fitting 35s, but the Land Cruiser is relatively easy?
Cheerful YC : This looks more like an after market mod. FJ with Land Rover headlights and LED fog lights! One can see many of such FJs on the road ... nothing special!!!

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Which FJ Cruiser Year is Best? - All FJ Cruiser Changes 2007-2014

Hey everyone! Welcome to another one of my informational FJ Cruiser videos! In this one I wanted to make a video showcasing all the changes Toyota made to the FJ Cruiser between 2007 and 2014 going year by year, covering everything I could find, even the little stuff! Hopefully this helps you answer the question of which year for the FJ Cruiser is best or which year is best for you to buy!

If you have a favorite year or color please comment it below, or if you have any questions feel free to ask as well!

Here are the links mentioned in the video:
LET'S FJ Informational Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFNYEViviF93ZfB1bj3SIxcWJUCvIOV8V
Special Edition Video:

FJ Cruiser Lift and Suspension Series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFNYEViviF91aw4mr-DPLnHG4r1L-IL45
FJ Cruiser Buttons and Switches:

And here are the time stamps for the video to help you navigate easier:
0:00 - Intro
1:56 - 2007 FJ Cruiser
5:30 - 2008 FJ Cruiser
7:45 - 2009 FJ Cruiser
10:03 - 2010 FJ Cruiser
13:28 - 2011 FJ Cruiser
15:22 - 2012 FJ Cruiser
16:27 - 2013 FJ Cruiser
18:17 - 2014 FJ Cruiser
19:09 - Which Year is Best?

Thanks to those whose video footage or photographs I am borrowing and using in this video and also to the artists of the music I use in the background!
daniel musomba : Never selling my 07.. I still get asked if I’m going to sell it by strangers..
Earthling1984 : I have a 2012. Had it since 2014 (bought with like 27k miles on it). Haven't had a single issue. I did replace the brake rotors and pads after 85k (currently at like 88k). The stock ones are good / rated for 100k. My mechanic told me the originals still had a lot of life on them, after 85k miles! I also of course have had new tires, and I do a Mobile 1 Synthetic oil change once a year or 7.5k miles (so, once a year for me). This vehicle is amazing! My mechanic has said, "they are over engineered". Will never get rid of mine, even though it is worth the same or more than I bought it for 7 years ago!
J Latif Baig : I bought a 2007 fj back in 2018. I was going to upgrade the roof rack and put a roof top tent. Unfortunately it got totaled by a drunk driver. She hit me at 70 mph on an over pass bridge. She almost hit me directly head on but I was able to turn in slightly so she hit my side in glancing blow; my wife and daughter were on the non-collision side. We walked away from it and so did the drunk driver. That fj was a tank. Bought another 2007 fj. Finally have the rooftop tent, off road fridge freezer extra battery portable 140 watt zamp solar. Life is good.
Howard Traylor : I bought mine December 2006 and it’s taken me all over America and I recently took it with me to Belgium. I keep meaning to upgrade her but the most I’ve done is upgrade the radio, runs fine as is. 164,000 miles on her
Nathan B : For me I am very blessed to have a 2007 post TRD build (I can use diff lock and A-track together ) titanium metallic and completely rust free with factory TRD exhaust, rock sliders, roof rack, 6 speakers , 400 Watt power outlet And back up assist. Such a unique vehicle and fun to drive. P.S. it is up for July‘s ride of the month on the FJ cruiser forum . Really enjoyed the video. Thank you for continuing to produce these.


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